Have you ever been really tired but you couldn’t fall asleep even throw you really try? Well these hacks will help. (I don have any problem falling asleep at night I can fall asleep in like 5-15 minutes but a lot of my friends have problems so I did some research and I thought why not show all of you so I can help you too.)some people like to take a bath or shower in the morning and some like to have a shower or bath in the evening. I normally do it in the late afternoon. If bath or shower in the evening, it helps you because when you fall sleep at night your body temperature drops and the same happens when you have a bath, because when you have a shower or bath you get hotter and then your temperature drops when you come out and then you should feel relaxed and tired. Well if you don’t know if you should bath or shower in the morning or in evening then this is a good reason to do it in the evening. This next one is well annoying but defiantly helps you sleep better and faster. You should have at least 20-30 minutes without any electronics. So maybe try and read a book (this is so annoying when my pedants tell me) or if you have a pet you can stroke your pet because it has shown that stricken your furry pet helps you to settle down and relax (I don’t know why). Thats all for now but if you have any other ideas pleas let me know.


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