May Favourites

Another Favourites, from now I am not going to post these on the 1 of the month I am going to post them on the first Friday of that month. I don't like coffee but I have been obsess with coffee flavoured things Curling my hair, I have really liked curling my hair this month... Continue Reading →

April Favorites

As you probably already know I have been doing my monthly favourites ever month so I will do that this month too   Kira-Kira (Glittering) This is a Japanese book (written in english) it's about these two sisters and the older one gets really sick and the younger one needs to look after her and... Continue Reading →

My March Favourites

Sorry that this post is coming this late into the month, to be honest I forgot about it, sorry again and let me tell you my March Favourites. Oh and in the please comments down bellow tell my your march Favories. Water ship down. I was a book that i read in March and I already... Continue Reading →

Childhood and life

I know that maybe some of you just want to come on my blog to see how to make a nice cake or to find some cool life hacks or maybe you were just looking at blogs and found mine and that is all fine, and most of you will probably look at this post... Continue Reading →


I know this blog is not a lot but I haven't had a lot of time so I thought I would just share this with you guys even if it's not very long. I have known WikiHow for a long time and have been using it a lot so I thought why no share it... Continue Reading →

Some Big news

So I just started a new blog with me best friend, because we don't live in the same country and the closest we get tis FaceTime so we thought we could just start a blog together. She also has a blog check it out here. I just wanted to tell you about it so if... Continue Reading →

My February Favourites

At the end of every month I will be uploading my monthly favourites, weather it's music, a book, a new recipe, etc. Of course my blog, I just started it this month and it's defiantly one of the favourites of this month. My next favourite is a book called Oliver (the cat that saved christmas) even though... Continue Reading →

Common sense media

There is this great website online that I have been using a lot recently. Its called  common sense media (here is the link if you want to check it out click here) It give you reviews and age rating about movies, books, apps, games, TV shows, websites and music. It gives you ratings, kids and... Continue Reading →

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