Ways to understand your cat better

I am going on a school trip and I am coming back on Monday so I won't have any time to upload so thats why I'm uploading now. My dad found this and I thought it would be great for all you cat lovers.         Hope this helped you to communicate a little... Continue Reading →


How to look after your new Cat/Kitten

As you probably know I have a kitten for nearly a year now. I would like to show you a few ways to help your kitten get settled into it's new home. The first entrance: Some readers say to keep your kitten in a room for a few days. We didn't have to do that but it also... Continue Reading →

My kittens Birthday

It was my kittens birthday 4 days ago and I can't believe that he is already 1 years old, soon we will have had him for 1 year. I want to ask you guys a question, do you have a pet? If so did/does she/he change the person who you are or make your life... Continue Reading →

Some updates on my kitten

Last week Maurice killed his first bird and put it infant of my parents bedroom, luckily he was to interested in the feathers so he didn't eat the bird. The other day my kitten Maurice was sitting in the garden and then a black can ran across our garden, Maurice followed him/her and then after... Continue Reading →

Maurice my cute Kitten

I have a kitten, (well, a giant kitten) called Maurice. He is a British Shorthair, he was born in April 2016 and so now he is nearly 1 year old. I got a cat because before we moved into our new house, our neighbours had a cat. That cat came to our house every morning and he stayed... Continue Reading →

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