Back to school DIY’s/Hacks

I very sorry that i didn't upload a post yesterday and last week but today I'm going to show you poem back to school DIY's because i'm going back to school soon. Blue. vs .Black ink If you're like me and prefer writing in black in instead of blue ink well bad luck because studies have... Continue Reading →


What to do in your summer holiday

Summer holiday is just around the corner and you might be wondering what to do. I know I was before I saw some videos and thought of what to do. Here I will tell you 5 things that you can do in your summer holiday, oh and there will be a part two coming soon... Continue Reading →

Cooking tips

Here I have 10 cooking tips that will help you in the kitchen. Put a plate upside down, then put the grapes on the upside down plate. After that put another plate on the grapes and and hold the plate tight while you cut threw the grapes and there you have perfectly cut grapes in no time.... Continue Reading →

How to fall Asleep Faster

Have you ever been really tired but you couldn't fall asleep, even though you're really tried? Well these hacks may help. (I don have any problem falling asleep at night but a lot of my friends have problems falling asleep, so I did some research and I thought, why not show all of you so I... Continue Reading →

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