Back to school DIY’s/Hacks

I very sorry that i didn't upload a post yesterday and last week but today I'm going to show you poem back to school DIY's because i'm going back to school soon. Blue. vs .Black ink If you're like me and prefer writing in black in instead of blue ink well bad luck because studies have... Continue Reading →


15 Summer Snacks (Ice Lollies)

So now this it's really getting hot in most countries I am going to tell you some great summer snacks. I got these ideas from parent     Watermelon Ice Pops Food editor and savvy chef Dawn Viola shares this fantastic and easy idea for making watermelon ice pops with mint — and though the recipe may be... Continue Reading →

Summer things

First thing sorry that i haunt'e uploaded for quite a while. Some things you can do in summer is,   Get a new hobby Learn a sport Learn an instrument Learn language Bake Do some DIY'S Make a movie Start a radio show Create a youtube channel Create a Blog There are some things that... Continue Reading →

Easter eggs

This is a family tradition for us, every year since I was around 4 or 5 me, my mum and my dad painted eggs together and then a few days later me and my dad would go find some good branches to hand our eggs on. This always reminds me of my childhood, like when... Continue Reading →

15 Cool Fashion DIY’s

These are some great Fashion DIY's and I thought I would share with you guys. There are galaxy themes, amazing transformations, I probably would only wear ad make 5-10 of these things but I am going to share all of them with you guys because we all have different taste. I will talk about the DIY's... Continue Reading →

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