Hi, I am a teenage girl that likes to cook. I don’t just like to cook and then eat it, I also like to share my recipes and sometimes I even make my own. I also like to know about its past (not the killing and that stuff) like is it organic? Or why is it important to have it organic? You get it right? Anyway I just like cooking and sharing my recipes with people. But that’s not all that I like doing.

I also love to do DIY’s and life hacks, but you must know that I am not the best at inventing them. I just love to share them and write about them and of course try them myself.

I love Fashion, (mainly because I was brought up with it because both my parents are fashion designers), but and I am not the type that goes shopping, buys 6 bags full of clothes, from 6 different shops and then tries them on at home and then returns them all but one T-shirt that you will probably only wear in summer, when all your other T-Shirst are in the wash. I am also not the person that goes in a shop looks at some jeans tries them on, then goes for lunch, comes back thinks about it again, then goes home and thinks if i should buy them, then goes back the next day and decides not to buy the jeans. I just really like to try something new sometimes, but not something that will make me look like a sheep in a cow herd, no not like that, just a little different than all the others. I am not the best with makeup, so don’t come asking for makeup tips because you will probably know more than I do. I love doing peoples hair, I can do a fishtail, French fishtail, a normal braid, a double french braid or a double french fishtail. Phew!

But theres one more thing, (well two more things actually), I love music. I love to dance and I loved it since I was a little girl and I also like to sing, especially in the shower. I mean who doesn’t sing in the shower. I wonder why that is? But I don’t like to sing in public. I don’t know why, I think its because I am too shy. I also play the piano (well I did, I don’t any more) and I would really like to learn the guitar. But I’m too lazy.

One more thing (this time it really is just one more thing) I love nature. I love to learn lots of new things and I love animals (but not as much as my friend she really loves animals) When I was small my favourite animal was a monkey, then a wolf and now I think it’s a cat but to me honest I love all animals, big or small, furry or bony.

If you like fashion, cooking, nature, animals, music, DIY or life hacks, then you’ve come to the right place. I love all of these. Welcome to ShareWearMake where I love to share what I think is cool or interesting for me.

As a teen, I also have some pretty strong opinions of what’s great and what’s not so great about the world today. So you might hear some opinions on that. I would love to here your views too.


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