Back to school DIY’s/Hacks

I very sorry that i didn’t upload a post yesterday and last week but today I’m going to show you poem back to school DIY’s because i’m going back to school soon.

  1. Blue. vs .Black ink If you’re like me and prefer writing in black in instead of blue ink well bad luck because studies have shown that you remember things better if they are written in blue ink. So write the things you need to study for in blue ink.
  2. Coloured notebook: Has this ever happened to you before. When you look in your rucksack/backpack and all your notebook look the same and then you have to keep going threw them till you find the correct one. Well now this will happen less, just colour the end of your notebook with a highlighter and do this for every notebook and colour them  a differs colour so then you will know which colour is for which class.
  3. Dish rack Folder: If you want a a good folder organiser use a dish rack and there will also be space for your pencils.
  4. Which page was the quote from. If you have a quote but you need the page number but you don’t know it then you can just search it up online and it will tell you which page the quote is from and this is a lot better them just flipping threw the pages forever.
  5. Decimals of pie: To refer the declaims of pie just remember this select and then count the letters in each word. May I have a large container of coffee
  6. Emergency bag: A great Idea is to have an emergency bag in your bag. you can keep, plaster, deodorant, hairbands (this is for grill but you can also have it as a boy).
  7. Closed tabs: If you ever close a tab on your computer that you were using just press SHIFT Control (cmd) T an it will reopen it for you.
  8. Headache: Have you ever had a really bad headache in school well did you know that eating 10-12 almonds actually does the same then 1 aspirin so maybe just have a few almonds in your rucksack/backpack if you tend to get headaches in school

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