15 Summer Snacks (Ice Lollies)

So now this it’s really getting hot in most countries I am going to tell you some great summer snacks. I got these ideas from parent map.com



Watermelon ice popsWatermelon Ice Pops

Food editor and savvy chef Dawn Viola shares this fantastic and easy idea for making watermelon ice pops with mint — and though the recipe may be simple, those pops are sure to please both the kids and adults around your patio this summer.

To make your own icy watermelon mint popsicles, you’ll want to have fresh organic, seedless watermelon on hand, along with fresh mint, kosher salt, organic sugar, popsicle sticks, and a container for freezing the pops. As for containers, Viola notes that a variety of regular kitchen items will do the trick, so you don’t have to buy a special kit: muffin tins, Dixie cups, tall parfait glasses (as she used), or ice cube trays. And really, it doesn’t matter what the popsicles look like, as long as they taste good and cool you down during the summer’s warm months!

Cherry limeade popsVery Cherry

If you’re a sucker for sweet and sour treats, there’s plenty to love about these easy DIY cherry limeade popsicles featured on Simple Bites by guest blogger Katie!

Katie says that when the going gets hot, she and her little ones can be found taking jaunts through the sprinkler, wading in the kiddie pool, and cooling off with healthy, fruit-based frozen treats. (Not a terrible way to spend those lazy summer days, we know!) She includes an easy recipe for making your own limeade, which she then combines with frozen cherries in the blender. Katie also shares a great tip for keeping those popsicle sticks in place if you’re using Dixie cups or other glasses: just cover the cups with a sheet of foil and poke the sticks through for easy peasy placement. Check out the full post for her complete walkthrough and recipe.

Pineapple sorbetTaste of the Tropics

If you want to sweeten up your summer with tropical beachy flavors, don’t miss out on guest blogger Susanah’s excellent recipe for pineapple sorbet featured on The Girl Who Ate Everything!

Simply made with fresh organic pineapple, sugar, water, and a squeeze of lemon, this bright and sweet sorbet can be easily made with the help of a handy food processor or blender, and as long as the sorbet gets a good chill time in the freezer, no ice cream maker is required. Serving your cool treat in the actual pineapple as shown is a snap — Susanah says to simply hollow out the inside before adding the mixture back in for freezing. Check out the full post for more of her great tips!

Pink lemonade popsLemonade Love

Mom Maddy of Somewhere Splendid shares these gorgeous “lemonade stand” homemade popsicles — and that bright and beautiful pink color is hard to resist!

Made using not one, but three, varieties of homemade lemonade for the popsicles’ base, these adorable pops are sure to be a hit with your little ladies and gents when the summer temps begin to rise. Be sure to check out Maddy’s post for the full scoop on making regular homemade lemonade, pink lemonade, and passion tea lemonade (yum!).

Rootbeer float popsRoot Beer Cravings

Evil Chef Mom’s Krysta features this great idea for making root beer float and 50/50 homemade popsicles… What would summer be without a classic soda float?

Krysta shares a full pictorial on how you can easily make these creamy dreamy pops in Dixie cups. For the root beer float, she kept it just like the original, only using layers of vanilla ice cream on top and bottom with a root beer center layer. If you want to venture away from root beer and play with the 50/50 style, she recommends using orange soda, Dr. Pepper, grape soda, cherry soda, cream soda, and others as possible suggestions. Check out the full post for more tips and ideas, and to see the classic Eddie Murphy “ice cream” skit featured in Delirious. (Even just seeing his ever-amazing tight leather outfit once again is well worth the resurrection. Oh, the fabulous ’80s!)

Honeydew popsHoney, Do!

Mom Cheri of Kitchen Simplicity reminds us yet again that chilled warm-weather eats do not need to be complicated to please — these adorable honeydew melon raspberry popsicles are a great example of that.

Simply made with fresh seeded and chopped honeydew melon, raspberries, sugar, and Greek or regular yogurt, these colorful cool pops are perfect for healthy summer snacking, and only require a run through the blender and some freeze time before they’re ready to go. Check out Cheri’s full post for the dead-simple and delicious recipe!

Chocolate covered banana popsGoing Bananas

Another fun treat idea for the families out there with a house full of summer-lovin’ kiddos, these delicious chocolate-covered frozen bananas featured on How Does She…will make them go ape!

A clever idea for jazzing up those plain-Jane bananas on your kitchen counter, these guilt-free frozen treats can easily be made by small hands and dipped in a variety of fun flavors. To get started, Mama Shelley recommends using bananas that are ripe, but not over-ripe, and to stick the popsicle stick into the bottom before placing your fruits in the freezer for an hour. For dipping and toppings Shelley says her little ones love using nuts, toffee, peanuts, coconut, and some Smucker’s Magic Shell dipping chocolate. All in all, a fun summer treat that’s sure to be an absolute hit with the little monkeys in your home!

Fruit popsFantastic Fruit

If you and your little ones are having a hard time deciding on just one fruit to include in this year’s summer pops, be sure to check out Skinny Taste’s fun idea for putting them all to good use in one bite-size frozen snack!

Mom Gina says that with the help of craft sticks, disposable cups, and a fruit-tastic roundup of kiwi, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, and pineapple or orange juice, she and her daughter had tons of fun creating these healthy sweet summer popsicles. And, for the Mamas out there who try to keep their calories down, you’re in luck — Gina includes all of the nutritional values for these frozen fruity goodies!

Ice cream sandwiches

Summer Sammies

When the weather gets warmer, there’s nothing quite better than cooling off with a classic ice cream sandwich — and that’s exactly why we were thrilled to discover these sweet sammies featured on Smitten Kitchen!

Once again, Mom Deb never ceases to amaze, and her recipe for ice cream sandwiches is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with your littles this summer. Armed with a love for recreating store-bought favorites in her own kitchen (we know that feeling!), Deb was able to make these classic ice cream cookies just the way that we love and remember them — with cookies ‘n cream ice cream to boot! Be sure to head over to Smitten Kitchen for Deb’s full recipe; you won’t be disappointed!

Raspberry coolerRaspberry Coolers

Love hitting up the Cheesecake Factory with your kids for sweet desserts? Mama Karly of Buns in My Oven shares her Cheesecake Factory copycat recipe for homemade raspberry lemonade — and we have a feeling that this is one sweet drink that’s sure to have you sippin’ at home more often!

Easily made with water, sugar, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and frozen (or fresh) raspberries, this drink is a perfect chiller to sip poolside or in the backyard with your feet up. Karly also recommends adding Sprite to the recipe for a fun, fizzy sensation, or to add some vodka if you’re looking for an adult-only sunny summer beverage.

S'more popsS’more, Please!

Put a new spin on the classic summer campout favorite with this fun recipe for s’mores popsicles from 52 Kitchen Adventures!

Another fun way to use “magic shell” chocolate (as seen with the frozen bananas), these clever s’mores pops are easily made with homemade marshmallow ice cream (half-and-half, vanilla extract, marshmallows, and heavy cream), melted chocolate, and crushed graham crackers — just like the original favorite. Get the full scoop on Stephanie’s marshmallow ice cream by checking out the rest of the post.

Strawberry lemonade popsStrawberry Season Gotta-Have

Savvy homecook Kita of Pass the Sushi shares this go-to summer recipe for strawberry lemonade popsicles — we will most definitely be trying our hand at making these colorful pops!

Made with two layers — lemonade and strawberry — containing lowfat yogurt, lemon juice, sugar, fresh strawberries, and water, these sweet and tart strawberry pops are sure to be a new favorite for everyone in the family. Kita recommends adding more of the strawberry layer if you tend to like your lemonade more sweet than tart, and less strawberry if it’s tart perfection you’re after. Visit Pass the Sushi for more of her great tips and the full recipe!

Nutella yogurt popsNeat Nutella Treats

Do you have an undying love for Nutella? We came across these delicious Nutella and yogurt popsicles presented by Emma of Food Coma on Holly Knitlightlyand, needless to say, it was love at first sight!

Pairing the best of both worlds — the tartness of Greek yogurt with Nutella’s scrummy goodness — these summer sweets are a cinch to make, only requiring the two ingredients and some chilling time in the freezer. Perfect for a cold afternoon treat fix when you are hoping to spend less time in the kitchen and more time playing with your tots outside!

Melon flowersFruity Fabulous

If it’s super quick and easy summer treat ideas you’re after, you’re bound to love this clever idea for making popsicle look-alike whole fruit pops featured on Bakers Royale.

Using a cookie cutter to create these cute fruity shapes with watermelon and cantaloupe, Mama Naomi says that her 3-year-old loved helping to create the fruit kebab-esque snacks, and that not one of his friends balked at the idea of getting fruit instead of popsicles. What can we say — there’s just something so great about food on a stick!

Watermelon soda floatWatermelon Wonderful

Considering we started this roundup with watermelon pops, we thought it would be best to go out with a watermelon bang — and these worthy watermelon soda floats featured on How Sweet It Is are exactly what we were hoping for!

These soda floats feature fresh mint and watermelon chunks (mmmm), club soda or carbonated water, and a nice helping of vanilla ice cream to top it all off. Check out the rest of fantastic foodie Jessica’s tips on getting started, and for plenty of delicious photography included.


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