My June Favourites

Yay!! It’s finally summer, lets start relaxing and stop stressing. So like every month I’ll tell you my June favourites.

  1. Free Rein: Just watched it around 1 week ago and I also finished it around 1 week ago and this is a new Netflix sieres and it’s really, really good. It’s about a american girl going to England for her summer holiday to relax and get away from family drama but instead she find Raven a wild horse and they need to work through three problems together. 
  2. My New iPhone: I got a new iPhone and it’s really nice having a new one as my old one was getting a little beaten up.
  3. My iPhone pen: One of friends got me an iPhone pen which is a normal pen and a pen for you phone so you don’t have to get your phone all grease.
  4. Fidget spinner: I got a Fidget spinner in June and it’s really fun to play with but probably most of you reading this will have a Fidget Spinner.
  5. Room Decor: I wanted to change my room a little and I went for a pottery type and a lot of my friends gave me some things to help me redecorate my room.
  6. France and Grace: This is also on Netflix and is a funny comedy. It’s about two women and both there husbands that worked with each other for 20 years and also had an affair for 20 years then split up with there wives and went together and then the wives don’t like each other but have to live with each other because they don’t have anywhere else to go.
  7. Summer Holiday: And last but not least Summer holiday I want on summer holiday on the 23 of June and it’s really nice to relax but not so great it hasn’t really been that sunny were iv’e been. but Hopefully it will get better

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