How to look after your new Cat/Kitten

As you probably know I have a kitten for nearly a year now. I would like to show you a few ways to help your kitten get settled into it’s new home.

The first entrance: Some readers say to keep your kitten in a room for a few days. We didn’t have to do that but it also depends on how big your house is. If there are a lot of stairs, or have small kids/baby or if you have a stray cat from the street you might want to keep them in one room for a few days, because you don’t want to overwhelm them. Remember  they have just been moved from a secure world to a new home, with new smells and new people, so you might want to consider keeping your kitten in one room for a few days and then slowly show it another room and then bring it back to it’s first room. It will then feel safe in that room and it would be it’s safe spot.

Food: If you’re taking a kitten from a breeder you maybe want to give your kitten different food, if so, then slowly mix the new food with the old food and then every day give your kitten a little more of the new food and then a little less of the old food. The reason you should do this is because cats stomachs are very sensitive and if you switch your kittens food from one day to the next it might get sick (throw up or have loose poo) for a few days and that is not what you want with a new kitten. If this does happen then don’t worry, just give him the same food as you were doing and it should go away in a few days but if it doesn’t then you might want to go to the vet because this could be that he has the flu or something like that.

Getting to know your kitten: So bonding with your kitten early is one of the best and nicest things to do. They way to do that is, if you are keeping your kitten in one room, bring some toys in and slowly start playing with him, pet him, but don’t pick him up too soon because that might make him scared. You could also ask the breeder to give you a blanket and/or a toy so that when you play with him/her he/she will know that not everything is new. This will give the kitten some comfort.  We did this and it really worked.

Outdoor situation: So if you want your kitten to be an indoor cat you won’t have a problem with this, but I would still recommend bringing your kitten outside (maybe on a cat leash) just to get some fresh air. If you want your kitten as an outdoor cat then you might be wondering when to let your kitten out. What we did and this worked really well was that we keep him inside for 10 days, and then we took him outside in our garden on a leash so he could get use to it. But don’t walk too far because that can get confusing nd scary and not for too long either. After around a week we took the leash off and just walked around the garden with him and for a around 5 days he didn’t go outside the garden. Then we just let him out on is own, he didn’t go far at first, he just went for around for about 15-30 minutes at a time and sometimes into to the neighbours garden and back. But remember every cat is different so you have to watch your cat and see how comfortable  he is.

I hope this helped some of you and feel free to ask me anything in the comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible.


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    1. If he does not let you put it on him just one of you talk stroke give him some treats while the other put the lead on and at the start have it a little loose so he gets use to it and when your outside and he wants to either run away or doesn’t want to move then just talk to him and maybe sit on the floor so he will feel more like you and don’t get stressed at any point because that will just make him more stressed.

      Please tell me how it worked out for you.

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