April Favorites

As you probably already know I have been doing my monthly favourites ever month so I will do that this month too


  1. Kira-Kira (Glittering) This is a Japanese book (written in english) it’s about these two sisters and the older one gets really sick and the younger one needs to look after her and she never knows what to do and is scared of what might happen next. I really think you should read it if you can find it our listen to it on a audio.
  2. My hat. I know, I know it might sound a little weird but I have been traveling a lot this month and in the plain it’s been really cold so I liked to have my hat on feel warm and sleep or watch a movie.

I am sorry I this was quite short I have laterally only done First this month (If you don’t know what that is I made a post on that so go check that out). Hope you have a great May and have a great day.


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