When I’ll be uploading

I thought that it might be a little confusing for you and me when I upload, so I am going to upload every Friday at 18:00 (So check what time that is for you if you live outside of Europe or if you live in great Britain) I'll be upload something else today because I... Continue Reading →


Mary Berry’s Amazing Cappuccino coffee cake recipe

If you're worried about cutting the cakes in half, you can simply sandwich the two together with half the icing in the middle and half the icing on top Severs around 8 Ingredients 225g very soft butter, plus more for the tins 225g light muscovado sugar or caster sugar 225g self raising flour 1 teaspoon baking powder... Continue Reading →

April Favorites

As you probably already know I have been doing my monthly favourites ever month so I will do that this month too   Kira-Kira (Glittering) This is a Japanese book (written in english) it's about these two sisters and the older one gets really sick and the younger one needs to look after her and... Continue Reading →

What is First?

So there are four different firsts, first LEGO league jr. First LEGO league. First tech Challenge and First robotics. My team went to the First LEGO league. There is a different theme every year, this year it was Animal Allies (Animals). We choose Coral reefs. Find more information here https://www.savethereefs.net We won in Denmark, and in Scandinavia but... Continue Reading →

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