My March Favourites

Sorry that this post is coming this late into the month, to be honest I forgot about it, sorry again and let me tell you my March Favourites. Oh and in the please comments down bellow tell my your march Favories.

  • Water ship down. I was a book that i read in March and I already watched the film but I wanted to red the book to and I think the book is better then the film.
  • My new shampoo. I got a new shampoo that I hadn’t tried before and my mum told me it’s for oily hair like I have because of my hormones. But I can’t remember were I bought it.
  • Netflix. I had Netflix before March but I started watching more film on Netflix. I have already watch, The Blue Lagoon, School of Rock, Max, Dear john, Letters to Juliet , What to expect when your expecting and A Thousand words. 
  • Riverdale. All the girls in my calls are obsess with Riverdale, a new episode comes out every Friday and we all watch it at home and then talk about on Monday. A new one is coming out today so I am going to watch it. (Please tell me if you also watch Riverdale)


Thank you for reading and i would really like to know your March Favourites. Have a lovely Friday.


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