My kittens Birthday

It was my kittens birthday 4 days ago and I can’t believe that he is already 1 years old, soon we will have had him for 1 year.

I want to ask you guys a question, do you have a pet? If so did/does she/he change the person who you are or make your life different? and why did you/you parents get/want a pet?

I will answer them and I hope you will answers them in the comments down bellow.

Yes I have a pet, it does change who I am a little because I play with him a lot and that makes me go less on the computers, it also changes my life because you have another living thing in your house and you have to feed it, look after it and so many things. I had wanted a pet since I was around 3 but my mum didn’t like dogs that much and my dad was allergic to cats and I didn’t want a bunny or hamster. So I asked my mum over and over and over and then when we moved here there was a cat called Punto and he always came round to our house and sleep and eat here but then when he got run over by a cat and passed away my howl family missed him so much that we wanted to get a new kitten so we got Maurice.


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