Childhood and life

I know that maybe some of you just want to come on my blog to see how to make a nice cake or to find some cool life hacks or maybe you were just looking at blogs and found mine and that is all fine, and most of you will probably look at this post and think it’s boring, but I just really wanted to share this even if maybe only a few will read it.

Today I was on the swings outside, out  of the house getting some fresh air and then I got stuck thinking about my childhood, like, how I used to wait till 10:00 at night on christmas eve because I really wanted too see The Christmas man and I always thought it was really late. Or how the night before my birthday I could never sleep because I was just so exited to get all my presents the next morning.  When I had a bad dream and I would run to my parents bedroom and sleep in there bed because I was too scared to sleep in my bed because of the “monster” under my bed, anyway you get it.

I thought life is too short to be stuck inside all day on the computer. You need to get out and spend your time wisely. I mean it feels like it was just the other day that my cousin was 4 and I can’t believe that my kitten is turning 1 year old at the 10 of April.

So what I am trying to say is. Life is too short to be annoyed over some homework on drams that is happing with your friend because you need to concentrate about the important stuff in life, and I probably sound like a old lady saying “oh, life is too short to do/complain over this and that” but it is true and I am going to try getting myself out there more like biking to get the shopping for my mum, or help my dad in the garden or just relax and reading outside, or help my neighbours with something. I started today and it felt really good so I am not saying you have to do it just give it a go.


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