I know you probably know a lot about charity and war and that you should donate things to Africa so they get schools, houses and doctors and maybe sometimes it even gets annoying because you hear, read and sometimes study about it. But this is all true, the world is uneven. I mean before, when we were cave men it probably was all the same. For most animals in the wild it’s all the same and think about it this way, we get a pet and look after it because we either want to have contact with an animal or we have adopted it because it was a stray or from a kennel. We take the responsibility to take on another living being and pay for he/she, for the food, the vet, toys etc, and some of us don’t donate because we are too lazy or we don’t care too much. I mean we are annoyed if our school lunch isn’t great, or we don’t get exactly what we wanted for our Birthdays/Christmas. And in another country, some kids that get less than half of the food we get, some of them don’t have parents because they died of war or illness and they don’t go to an orphanage because there isn’t one. We complain because we’ve got too much homework and these kids would love to go to school and learn.

Well tell me if this world is fair or not, because I don’t really think it is. I should also get better at donating because I probably didn’t need to buy the jeans I bought the other day and that money could have gone too save a child. You can give old clothes, books, toys and money to help them as I also hear nothing is too little, everything make a difference. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really hope this changed your mind. Spread the word and help someone because it really make you feel like a better person. I am a big Ed Sheeran fan and I found these two short clips and I wanted to share with you guys.

You might know it as red noes day or comic relief. If you don’t know what comic relief is, it’s a charity event that helps loads of kids and adults around the every year. People do challenges like run a marathon or don’t use internet and/or technology, etc and then donate to Africa and/or other countries. This year England (I said England because only England does this) raised £48,257,346, this is the most that we have ever raised.

As I don’t live in England I can’t donate to red noes day/comic relief but that doesn’t mean I can’t donate there a a lot more charity events that i can done too. I know comic relief is finished for the year but it’s never too late to donate and help, There is always hope.


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