15 Cool Fashion DIY’s

These are some great Fashion DIY’s and I thought I would share with you guys. There are galaxy themes, amazing transformations, I probably would only wear ad make 5-10 of these things but I am going to share all of them with you guys because we all have different taste. I will talk about the DIY’s and if I would make and wear them

Here are the 2 videos I hope you enjoy.

This video Is 10 amazing transforming clothe DIY’s

  1. I really like this DIY because it’s really simple and it’s be really unique because you will all have different patches in different places.
  2. I probably wouldn’t make or wear this but I thinks it’s a really cute hat
  3. Even though I think this DIY would take quite a long time to make I think it would be really fun to make and I would definitely wear it.
  4. This one is one that can be unique because you can have any design one your shoes.
  5. I really like this one, I would definitely make this DIY because you can loads of different colours and patterns.
  6. This one is a little too simple but I think it would be really cute for a party
  7. I didn’t even know you could do this and I think it’s really cool and easy to make
  8. I probably wouldn’t wear this galaxy t-shirt because I’m not the biggest fan of galaxy things but I would probably make this DIY just with another pattern
  9. Again its to simple and I would rather have some normal white shoes then some with sprinkles but like I said we al have different taste.
  10. This one is so cute and I would 100% wear this to a birthday party.

This video shows you how to turn some boring t-shirts into amazing unique t-shrits.

  1. This one really i adorable and I would probably make a kitten because I think that would be even cuter
  2. This one is 100% my favourite t-shirt design because its so smile and easy to make
  3. I prefer the long blue one but the pink one is also ok
  4. This is so cool and I will definitely be doing this on some of my t-shirts
  5. This one is so unique and easy to make

Hope this helped you transfer some of your clothes because I know it helped me



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