Cooking tips

Here I have 10 cooking tips that will help you in the kitchen.

  1. Put a plate upside down, then put the grapes on the upside down plate. After that put another plate on the grapes and and hold the plate tight while you cut threw the grapes and there you have perfectly cut grapes in no time.
  2. Next. So this one is really simple, all you need is a straw and a strawberry. So just just push the straw threw the middle of the strawberry and there you go, you got a destemed strawberry.
  3. With a howl kiwi, just cut the end and top off a kiwi and turn your spoon the howl way around the inside of the kiwi skin and then your kiwi should pop right out.
  4. Now I got a mango hack. Cut your mango in half take the half without the seed or with the seed but then take the seed out. Cut horizontal and vertical lines across the mango and then pop it inside out and slice all the mango peaces off and you got evenly cut mango.
  5. You know when you come to the end of your ice cream cone and then its all soggy well no more soggy ice cream cones for you, before you put your ice cream in your cone place a marshmallow in the end of your cone and the marshmallow will act like a plug so the ice cream doesn’t make the cone all soggy.
  6. This hack is really great for work, school trips and also when your relaxing at home, take a orange and cut the top and bottom off and then slice an opening (vertically) down the side of your orange and then you can use the opening to open the orange, and then you can eat your orange like a tangerine.
  7. This is probably my favourite. When your treeing to separate an egg yoke and an egg white just take a empty water bottle and suck the egg yoke in the plastic bottle and relice it in another bowl.
  8. If your have a party and you want to make your glasses look prettier this will be a great hack for you. Dip the edge of your calls into some lemon juice and then into some sprinkles.
  9. You know when you eat watermelon and you just get it all over your face, well that won’t happen any more. Inside of cutting your watermelon in a triangle cut it into a diamond by cutting off the bottom edges of your watermelon.
  10. Last one. Has it ever happened to you that your pouring a galls of milk, juice or any drink and it just spills everywhere well there is a really simple hack to stop that. Just turn your milk or juice around and it shouldn’t spill any longer.

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