My February Favourites

At the end of every month I will be uploading my monthly favourites, weather it’s music, a book, a new recipe, etc.

  • Of course my blog, I just started it this month and it’s defiantly one of the favourites of this month.
  • My next favourite is a book called Oliver (the cat that saved christmas) even though I haven’t finished it yet I am really enjoying it. This is what it says at the back of the book. Oliver the cat is timid little thing, and early ventures from his home in the foresters arms. The  his life changes dramatically when a fire brakes out in the pub kitchen and he is left homeless and afraid. But with the kindness of the humans around him, he soon learned to trust again. And, in his own special way he helps to heal those around him. However, it isn’t until he meets a little girl in desperate need of a friend that he realises this this village needs a Christmas miracle.

Oliver The Cat Who Saved Christmas.jpg

  • My mum. She has sported me a lot this month (she does every month but this month more then ever) she helped me threw the month, with school homework and drama and you should always appreciate your parents for what they do for you every month.
  • Is this singer that I have only been listening to for around a week. She is called Jasmine Thompson. This is the link to her youtube channel She does loads of covers for loads of different songs and she probably has soothing for everyone.
  • And for my last favourite, I have really like making and eating raspberry and white chocolate muffins. Let me know in the comments if you want me to write the recipe in one of my blogs.

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