Maurice my cute Kitten

I have a kitten, (well, a giant kitten) called Maurice. He is a British Shorthair, he was born in April 2016 and so now he is nearly 1 year old. I got a cat because before we moved into our new house, our neighbours had a cat. That cat came to our house every morning and he stayed until late afternoon. When we moved to our new house I missed him so much and that on my birthday my parents told me that we would be getting a kitten. Sadly a few months after I got Maurice our old neighbours cat died.

This is a  few months ago. Now is now 9 months old.

You know a lot of people say that cats are not as clever as dogs, only sleep all day and are boring, well let me tell you something different.

Maurice’s favourite toy is a receipt, rolled into a ball (but paper will also do), which if you throw it for him he will fetch it and bring it back to you, (he does the same with a ball). We also tag and we even play hide and seek.


And that’s not all Maurice can do. He can sit, stay, turn and beg and I am also teaching him to give his paw.

It has to be said that Maurice is not the best hunter. So far the only thing he has ever killed is a spider (it was as smaller then his nose). But that’s not all bad, at least he doesn’t bring a dead and rotten bird into the house.

He is a very calm and gentle cat. Even when he is fighting with you. If you are in the bathroom he will always come over to you and  wrap himself around your legs (no joke). He loves to be pulled around on a towel. When he is getting his food he meows around 20 times a second. If you sit on his favourite green cushion he will meow at you to get off because he thinks it is his cushion. And lastly, his favourite food is tuna.

(Ok, so I know I said the last thing but this time it really is the last thing), I had to bring some old clothes to school for a charity, when I brought the bag home were all the clothes were in, Maurice jumped on the bag and fell asleep. I just left it there so he could keep sleeping on it and ever since then its has been his second favourite place to sleep (after the green cushion!).













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  1. Aww, what a sweet kitten!! He sounds like such a nice little guy 😊 I used to have a cat, as well, and over the years, she had two or three litters of kittens. I loved getting to play with them! I’m pretty sure that kittens are my favorite animal babies. ❤

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